Faisal Tisnés was born in Colombia on January 8th, 1994. Half his roots come from Jordan in the Middle East and the other half from Colombia in South America. The visits to both regions of the globe was one of Faisal’s main inspirations on becoming a photographer as it seemed crucial to him to share both cultures’ contrasts and beauty.

Although Faisal was born in Colombia it was since he was 6 years old that he moved to Panama, where he decided he wanted photography to be his first language of expression through art. This was the country where he went to school and graduated from university.

Travelling around both coasts that has the isthmus of Panama, the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast he started taking photographs of his surfing adventures with friends. Being able to show this opened him doors in the surf industry world as a surfing photographer, but this didn’t limit his style of photography.

In 2011 he had his first collective exhibition when he was 17 and from there on has focused in showing people the world through his eyes. This year he commenced his analog photography journey by developing a more intimate relationship with his camera and chemicals.

Faisal always self-taught himself about photography by reading camera manuals, articles online and some photography books. After Tomas Cortes (Creator of Rollos Alfred) taught him how to develop he didn’t stop and has been developing his own work himself. His main influences are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado, Ansel Adams and Sandra Eleta.


As a photographer, I see my role now is to capture the unseen then transmit it to minds/hearts that can open to these rare and simple beauties. My drive is to make what is mundane special so it elevates every detail of the beauty of a landscape or people. I hope to take off the blindfolds of the typical viewer (or not) of art and challenge their minds/hearts to something hidden in the more profound layers of a visual image. This is perhaps my humble way of appreciating and impulse to express “perfection in simplicity” in the beauty of all things living to open the minds of people and affect change in this world.

Moreover, I enjoy connecting with the subject of my artistic images, a landscape’s natural abstract or a person with emotions. I thrive to express a distinctive composition that invites the viewer to independently experience what will allow them to travel into their sub consciousness, find their meaning and fly with their imagination to bring out a conclusion on their own.

Photographer Resume

2009-2011 : Photographer of SURFOS Magazine 2011: Published in The Red Bulletin (Red Bull Magazine)

2011: First Collective Exhibit “INICIO” in Panama

July 2016: “SALITRE” exhibit in ARTE NOMADA First Edition, Panama

September 2017: “Lo Que el Tiempo no se Lleva” exhibit in Foto Septiembre organized by Contemporary Museum of Art in Panama

September 2017: “White Sands” exhibit shown in Dekel’s House of Art

May 2018: Brixton’s Photo of the Month Runner Up

January 2019: Analog Forever Magazine January “Synchronicity” Online Gallery Selection

March 2019: World Photo Org’s Swap Project Winner, exhibited in Sony World Photography Awards in London’s Somerset house

May 2019: Analog Forever Magazine May “Compelling Dreams” Online Gallery Selection

September 2019: "Having Been There" Collective Exhibit - Irvine City Hall, California

September 2022: Selected photographer for FotoLatina 2022 . Casa de la Cultura San Pedro, Nuevo León, México

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